Today was a busy day.

The kids had stayed at mum’s house so I drove up the mountain to pick them up. We then drove back down the mountain to meet some playgroup friends for one last get together before the end of the year.

I have known all of these children since they were babies. Seeing them all in a small group made me realise how grown up they all are!

After morning tea, we raced back up the mountain for a follow up hearing test for Scarlett. The last one found she had mild hearing loss in both ears and the specialist wanted to rule out a previous illness as the cause of this. I suspected, and it was confirmed, that this was not the case. 

I often wonder about my poor little girl. I wonder if something while I was pregnant happened to cause all the ‘problems’ she has had and continues to have. Currently, she is being treated for hip dysplasia, pre-precocious puberty, teeth problems and now hearing loss. She takes it all in her stride though, and I know that none of these things will have lasting effects on her, but I just wonder.

After our appointment we headed back down the mountain. Home at last. Just as I put dinner on the table and was looking forward to relaxing, Scarlett says “look, there’s a river outside our house”. She was right – it was flowing right down the side of our house and into our cellar door (which leads to the downstairs bedrooms). Holy crap, there was so much water.

Luckily the blocked drain at the top of the driveway was unblocked (by my beloved drowned rat) and the gushing water subsided, allowing us to clean up the mess that was left behind.

If it wasn’t for Scarlett, the kids may now be swimming in the bedrooms!

Now I am very tired.


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