advice from a four year old

Telling a story
It’s been a difficult little while with work getting me down, and my emotions being all over the place. I applied for a new job which I don’t think I got (I had an interview but haven’t heard back), which only highlights how miserable I am in my current situation.

I find it hard to contain my temper sometimes. When it’s been a long day and the kids just won’t do what they’re told, I yell. It’s the only thing that seems to get a reaction. Scarlett has started to tell me when she doesn’t like it when I am ‘mean’. It makes me feel bad – like she’s the grown up – and it makes me stop and look at my behaviour.

Every now and again when I’m experiencing a moment of clam, I like to tell the kids that I don’t mean to be cranky so much and that no matter what I always love them etc etc.

Today when I told them this, Scarlett gave me some advice. She said that when I am feeling cranky, I should pretend that I am not cranky, then go into another room if I want to be cranky. I told her it was a good idea.

It makes me wonder what she thinks of me. I know she loves me – she tells me often – but I do feel that I let her down as a parent sometimes. I’ve been to the positive parenting program. I should know better. I should be the grown up.


3 thoughts on “advice from a four year old

  1. Great post Nicole. I feel I could've written it. Adrian is frantic at work, so it's just me and Raleigh at the end of an invariably shitty work day. Poor love bears the brunt of it I'm sure. Hang in there. When I was in a really crumby work situation once my uncle and aunt called me daily to buoy my mood. They kept reminding me that in five year's time, it would be a distant memory. The work is, but their words aren't. It'll pass.

  2. Thanks Eliza – I know there are plenty of people going through the same thing, and it does help to hear that it's not just me! I know I just need to look ahead to when things will be better and concentrate on what I need to do to keep my sanity.

  3. Nicole, I feel the same way too! I don't know what's going on but I'm feeling extra hormonal I think and the kids (and Tom) frequently cop my bad moods. I feel terrible about it, and know I should be putting more energy into the whole 'positive' thing, but just can't seem to get my butt into gear. So I feel for you!! Just do your best. As my mum always says, you don't have to do everything perfectly for your kids to thrive – if you get it right about two-thirds of the time, they will be fine!

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