coming and going

As I said recently, I’ve been far to distracted lately to read or write blogs. I continue in my struggle of dissatisfaction at work and I’ve been doing my best to find a way out of it.

No complaints about the little ones – they have been pretty good at keeping in my good books lately. We’ve been getting things done around the house and enjoying our weekends together.

Many exciting new conversations are occuring with Xavier which I feel quite guilty for not recording. Once my head is a bit clearer, I must get onto that. For now though a collection of our latest comings and goings…

Enjoying watching the vegi patch flourish

Photo over
A day out at Goat Island

Watching the kookaburras from our verandah

Cheeky lorikeet
And the rainbow lorikeets on our verandah

Sand boy
Playing in the park

Sparkly spiderweb cupcake
Making cupcakes for Halloween preschool disco

Mr Mess Maker
Sampling Halloween cupcakes

Cake face
Enjoying the process and the end product

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