bad mother #22

It’s been a very long time since I’ve added any bad mother moments, but I thought I should revive them after the following incident today.

You know you’re a bad mother when… at the local markets shopping for a snack, you try to convince you child to go for the cupcakes and cookies instead of a healthy alternative. “Alright, you can have grapes if you really want them, but if you have grapes, you will not get a cupcake”.


2 thoughts on “bad mother #22

  1. What about the other night when I pleaded with Tiernan to stay at home and watch TV instead of going to Little Athletics???
    It was a Friday, he and I were both exhausted from a big week of school, and I really thought we both needed a rest.
    But I did have to pause and wonder for a moment whether I was truly sane when I said to him, “Tiernan, I think you really should stay home and watch TV instead of exercising tonight!” Ha!

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