spontaneous bush walking

Today in an attempt to avert other priorities, on the way home form an outing we decided to go for an impromptu bush walk. It’s been years since I went to Knapsack Bridge, and after a few hundred metres of walking Scarlett started complaining. Granted, we weren’t dress or stocked for the occasion, but we decided to push on anyway. More complaining ensued as we walked along the paved road that leads to the historic bridge.

After arriving at the bridge, we found ourselves descending the stairs down the side of the bridge.


The magnificence of this historic structure kept us moving down the stairs marvelling at each new angle. The kids became excited by the rain forest atmosphere as we got closer to the bottom.

Once we had made several attempts to get back up the other side of the stream, we realised we would have to go back the way we came once again. To my surprise, there was barely a complaint from either child. They even ran the last few hundred metres back to the car. Well I guess that may have been due tot he promise of chocolate once there, but…


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