tooth fairy

This morning my first born lost her first tooth. She’s all smiles!Image

In the weeks leading up to this point, as it progressively became looser and looser, I was  shocked to learn that I am squeamish when it comes to teeth! I never normally have any problems with bodily functions or fluids, cuts or bruises, but when I had my first peek into her mouth at the tooth, I felt nauseous.

I asked my other half to deal with the tooth situation, because I simply couldn’t do it. He had a look a few times, and even had a tug at it with a tissue, but to no end. Our daughter is very sensitive to even the slightest amount of pain, and the sight of blood sends her into hysterics.

All our anxiety about this tiny little tooth was set free this morning, as she screamed from the mirror ‘it’s gone, my tooth is gone”!! Nowhere to be seen, we suspect she swallowed it during the night. So tonight the tooth fairy shall pay her first ever visit to our house – even without the evidence she usually requires.

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