birthday party & a new leaf

Another party over and thanks goodness for that! I enjoyed creating the cakes, but the stress of pulling off a party of 17 kids + adults was almost too much.

Scarlett had invited some friends from preschool and was so excited by the spectacle of it all and being the birthday girl that I’m sure I’ll do it again next year. Xavier insisted he didn’t want to invite any friends from preschool because according to him, he plays by himself all day! Im sure that will change next year.

To top off a hectic weekend, my uni semester started on Monday. Even though I had already done the first two weeks readings ahead of time, I felt a tinge of anxiety at the work that lies ahead. After listening to the first lecture though, I know this semester is going to be a positive learning experience.

Work has also become a completely different place. The new manager has brought back some dignity to a team that has long suffered under mismanagement. After only three weeks, there is a sense of purpose and direction. While everything is under review, it’s not a negative experience when you are being taken on a journey instead of being out down.

There is still plenty to worry about, but at the moment the outlook is positive…


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