party prep

It’s that time of year again. My two little monkeys have turned another year older and we are having a gathering to celebrate. I know some people loathe the idea of hosting a kids party and will go to any length to avoid it – be that vetoing it or outsourcing it – but I actually enjoy it.

I enjoy the planning. Searching for and collecting ideas for food (particularly baking) is a pastime of mine, and that’s half the job done of planning a party. I’m keen to give things a go and experiment with creating, so when Scarlett asked me to make her a ‘forest cake’ and Xavier requested Batman, I thought of it as a challenge.

Tonight I’m up ever so late baking mud cakes which will form the foundation of the two cakes. I’ve been at work all day, cooking all evening and am quite frankly buggered. I’m looking forward to getting the cakes together in case I have to make last minute alternative arrangements!

I’m looking forward to seeing the kids enjoy their special day with their family and friends and would then like to have a rest…. But then uni starts up again!


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