getting away

Well it has been quite some time since I posted or kept up to date with reading any blogs. I was in week one of semester when I last posted and I haven’t stopped since. It’s been really full on, coupled with immense stress at work, but right now I am a world away from all of that…

My eldest sister had her first baby (Tilly) late last month, my younger sister’s twins (Eliza & Olive) turned one last week and her daughter Nina turned 4 this week. Since both sisters live in Queensland, it seemed like a perfectly good reason to go on holiday, so here we are in sunny (windy) Caloundra Queensland mid way between Brisbane and Noosa (where my sisters live).

It’s been so great to spend some time with my sisters and their families. FaceTime and Skype have been a great way to keep in touch with them and allow the kids to see their faces, but being there with them is so much better. It’s not always easy with kids of varying ages and needs, but just being able to pop over is something I took for granted when they lived in Sydney.

My two children are enjoying having both their parents around all day for days on end. After a hellish week of sickness the week prior to coming away, I was nearly ready to run away and join the circus. being able to relax and spend some time as a family has been great for all of us.

Today I’m looking forward to all of my family (including my dad and his family & my mum who are also up here) having a get together at our holiday house. The sun is shining, so hopefully some park and beach fun will be on the cards. Now it’s up to the weather and the kids to see where the day takes us…

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