new things

 There has been lots going on this week. 

  1. I’m learning new things through my study
  2. My mum gave me an old sewing machine of hers 
  3. The incompetent fool I work for is leaving!

Yes you read correctly. After the turmoil he has caused in my life over the past nine months, he will soon be gone for good. Often in government jobs when someone is leaving, there are not really leaving but temporarily working in another area of the office or even the state. But this is the real deal. He’s moving to an entirely different body so there should be no worry of him coming back.

It’s safe to say that I am over the moon. No matter what happens in the office now, it will be an improvement of the current situation. Full stop. 

Now for the sewing machine. I’m the only female in my family who can’t see. My mum has been an amazing seamstress since she was a young girl. Growing up quite poor, she quickly realised she could sew whatever she wanted for a fraction of the cost of buying it. She’s made many things for me, it most notably, my wedding dress. I cherish it. She also made my older sister’s wedding dress and was an assistant for my younger sister who is also gifted when it comes to sewing and knitting. 

I’m a bit scared. The first thing Scarlett said when I told her we were being given a machine was “great mum, now you can make me a wonder woman cape and a superman cape for Xav”. I don’t even know how to use the thing!

Mum gave me a quick crash course when she brought it over and today I had a great idea. After being disappointed that the stall that sells doll clothes at the market wasn’t there, I thought maybe I should give it a go. I used the off-cuts of the delightful Merimekko fabric from my (oversized) bedspread. I took the time to cut out a little baking paper pattern and pinned it to the fabric. I cut I tout and attempted to sew it together. It didn’t turn out well. 

I got quite frustrated at not being able to do it. I put quite a lot of thought into so I thought it would work how I envisaged. Then I thought for a minute. How am I supposed to just know how to do these things? I’ve never really spend the time watching mum, and if I had, I’d know that she always has a pattern to guide her. 

So I’ve decided to stay positive. I’ve downloaded the sewing machine manual and some free easy patterns, and once I get myself some fabric, I’ll give it another shot. Scarlett (and Betty the doll) were still quite happy with the outcome. I guess it beats the last dress I made her. It was made out of paper and sticky tape…



3 thoughts on “new things

  1. Yay! You're sewing! What a lucky doll to be wearing Marimekko. Thanks for the compliment but mum made my dress too, I was just the "creative director" ;)I always read he pattern instructions carefully and have learnt a lot that way. Look forward to seeing what you make next x

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