zucchini heaven

It’s been a busy week. It’s a crazy to me of year at work, I’ve officially started studying and all the usual stuff that comes with having children and a husband.

I feel kind of exhilarated to be learning about new things. Well not entirely new, but looking at things in a new light. It’s given me a renewed interest in my work as well. That is definitely a good thing, because the way things were going before Christmas, I felt like quitting. I’ve still go the same bunch of morons to work with (and some new additions to the boys clubs), but I feel as though my study will arm me with some secret weapon that I will later use again all of them. Plus I feel like I’m doing some good creative work at the moment, it’s all on close deadlines, and the adrenalin is keeping me on a high for now.

Away from work, I’ve been deserted for the week. My other half is away at a week long intensive school for the uni course he just started. I am fine by myself. I am capable of looking after myself and the kids and the dog, but it’s a little longer than I’m used to. 

To start my week off on a good note – Monday is the only day I don’t work – I’m having a few friends over for morning tea. I’ve been baking all afternoon with some help from my smallest helper Xavier. Often it’s Scarlett who won’t leave my side during the baking process, but today she was happy to watch a movie while Xavier and I baked cakes. We made some chocolate cupcakes for the kids, but the grown ups will be tantalised by My Special Zucchini Bread Recipe. Another amazing recipe from 101cookbooks.com and just as delicious as the last. 

It’s unconventional – zucchini, poppyseeds, lemon rind and curry powder!!! – but it’s delicious. As usual, I did some substitution – adding pecans instead of walnut – because I was too lazy to go to the shops. 

Here’s hoping the coming week goes smoothly. The roof won’t leak, the drains won’t get blocked and the kids will be angels.surely not too much to ask?


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