Yesterday as we were leaving preschool with a bag choc full of drawings, paintings, and craft, Scarlett told her teacher she was an artist.

That she most certainly is. She has started to draw at every spare moment. Scribbling on anything she can get her hands on. Some of her creations are quite simple, others are becoming more complex.

A little while ago, I decided to start recording her artwork in photographic form because I can’t keep up with the storage area required to house it all. It seems kind of sad to throw it out, but I figure I’ll have this electronic, more accessible, sharable resource that everyone can enjoy. So here is is for you to enjoy also:

the roadfairy gardencandleprart timefeatherdalesnowman
merry go roundfairy gardenrabbithouse with gardenhouse with gardenself portrait ballerina
self portrait with swirlsthree of usnamefairy god motherswimming pondfan and flower
fairy gardengreen gruffaloslodgy picturecastlebiddy and usxmas tree
scarlart, a set on Flickr.

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