i’m a baby

My boy is growing up. He’s two and a half! But as far as he’s concerned, he is still a baby. He has a strange reluctance to be a “big boy”, instead preferring to be know as “just a baby”. So insistent is he that he can argue for half an hour with you if you call him anything else. 

Aside from his pig-headed, argumentative and stroppy personality, he is also an adorable little person who has decided that he wants to have his say around the house like the rest of us.

Here are some of the lovely things about him right now:

  • He loves having laugh. Anything from fart noises to ‘rough housing’ get him giggling, and he loves everyone to join in. You can’t help but laugh along with him.
  • He has started to negotiate what he wants when playing with his sister instead of doing whatever she says. It’s given both of them some trouble, but they are learning to compromise and play happily together a lot of the time.
  • He is starting to speak in such clear language that conversations are much easier now and tend to go further than ever before. Having an older sibling has given him the opportunity to be involved in conversations about more complex ideas which he seems to enjoy being part of.
  • Cuddles are still in abundance (even though the kisses are not so much anymore).
  • He has lovely manners – saying thank you often when he is given something.
  • He has a rich imagination, creating his own worlds with his toys. Brooming, whooshing and crashing everything in sight, accompanied by his cute mumbling commentary.

There are far too many little thing to remeber and list. I don’t often enough sit down and think about the good things about my children. Most of the time I focus on the stress and frustration I feel being their mum. When I do though, I realise how wonderful they really are after all…



4 thoughts on “i’m a baby

  1. With all of those qualities, I think that staying a 'baby' as his self-description is a pretty nice thing to be…god that was a clumsy way of putting it! (wanders off for another cup of coffee….)

  2. I am already feeling sad about when my last baby (who isn't even born yet) will no longer be a baby. Not that I want three, I just feel sad that that will end.Eliza

  3. I do find other people's babies adorable, but I must say, I don't feel sad it's over for me! I guess when he was a baby whenever there was a milestone, I would think – that will be the last time I do that with a little pang of future nostalgia. I was also torn about ending his time breastfeeding – so glad to have my body back to myself, but a little sad knowing it would all be a a distant memory soon.

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