first week

 This week the kids and I have gone back. Back to work and back to preschool.

I started the week anxious about what lay ahead. I couldn’t sleep the night before my return – the anticipation just got to me. 

It wasn’t so bad.

Today the kids went back to preschool. Xav has moved up a room and all of Scarlett’s mates have gone off to big school, so it was a big adjustment for both of them.

Within minutes of arriving, Scarlett had found the craft table and created this masterpiece with the bits and piece on the table. I LOVE it!

There was a little separation anxiety when we left, but the fact they stay together oh the same room for the morning was very helpful (both emotionally and practically).

As for me, I’ve taken on a new found enthusiasm for organisation (so many great apps for this) and taken a bit of a lead in getting things done (with or without direction from above) and am feeling pretty confident.



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