Tomorrow we are having guests for a festive get together. I’ve been pretty craft in organising for everyone else to bring most of the food, and the food I am providing is very easy, chuck together type stuff.

One thing I’m going to make is a festive fruit salad which I also made last year and was delicious. While at the shops gathering ingredients, I spotted some delightful fresh berries and pomegranates.

I loved the look of the berries and thought they would go well with my festive fruit salad. I’m planning to use the beautiful pomegranate seeds in glasses of bubbles!

Today was quite a significant day for my other half. It was his last day working as a teacher. He is going to be training for the next two years to become a school counsellor, so the relationship he has with students will never be quite the same.

The school held a ‘school beautification day’ which saw the staff and students (who were still attending) working to create some amazing gardens around the school. I’ve always thought of it as quite an ugly school – lots of concrete and not many cared for gardens, so it was nice to see some work going into it. I took the kids in to ‘help’ their dad and say to say goodbye.

They have both known this school since each of them were born and the staff have watched them grow through our regular visits. I’m sure the kids will hardly remember spending time there – racing to get the the staffroom to beat the chaos after the bell rings, popping into their dad’s classroom full of awkward teenagers, being spoiled by the office ladies who gave them chocolate on every visit, and sitting in the principal’s office for a chat.


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