On Saturday night we went out for dinner with friends in Glebe. A rare night away from the kids, we made the most of it by staying in a guest house for the night and had an all nighter. We got kicked out of a pub (at closing time, not because of our behavior) that boasted this sign out the front!

* Retrospective post


3 thoughts on “tenth*

  1. Did you really have an all nighter? No sleep? I dont believe it! I dream of a night away from the kids, but fantasize about staying in a hotel room, alone, and sleeping! (sad I know). Your youthful ways give me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel 😉

  2. Well Kath it doesn't seem to have moved on much since 1996, but that added to the charm of it. It hasn't turned into one of the yuppy pubs that have taken over most of Sydney!Nat – of course I didn't stay awake ALL night. I passed out at about 1am quite drunk and my body is still in recovery mode. I was thinking today that I'm too old for that sort of thing too often!

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