This afternoon while the kids were playing down stairs we heard an almighty crash. A small whimper followed, then Scarlett screaming “Mum, Dad. Xavier has fallen off the bed” with such urgency we both flew down the stair to see what had happened.

Just like she said, Xavier had fallen off his bed while they were playing and he’d bumped his head very hard on a plastic airport on the ground. Amid the crying and cuddles, a grape sized lump appeared on his forehead. Ten minutes under ice and he was feeling well enough to play again.

What I was most impressed with Scarlett’s swift action and her sincere worry for her brother. Xavier shows his affections or his sister (and everyone he knows) often, but I rarely get to see the love she has for him. When she is able to be the grown up and look after him, she relishes it. She knew he was hurt this afternoon and she almost went over the top with kisses for him for the rest of the day afternoon and right up until bedtime. It was really lovely to see.


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