This weekend was one of the first since moving to our new house that we had nothing much to do. We finally got to explore our neighbourhood and backyard a bit and bask in the serentiy. At least while the kids weren’t fighting…

On a bush walk down the road

our garden
On a bush walk in our back yard

A little wall where our yard ends and a bush trail begins

The little wall that is also a water chanel

Potatoes found in our garden (that we didn’t know about)

All this being out doors over the weekend and the interest the children have in the vegetables we found in the ground has inspired me. It seems that a previous owner had a small vegi patch in a sunny spot in the back yard which has now been over run with grass.

I’m not much of a green thumb, but I’ll do a bit of research and try a small vegetable garden for the children to get involved in planting, watering and enjoying.

With the way things are in my work life tight now, I really need these kind of simple pleasures to remind me what is really important in life.


2 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Sorry to hear that work sucks at the moment. Once you learn the tricks of veggie gardening you can teach me. We had success with leafy green vegies but no luck with anything that produced "fruit". I think the soil ph was off. Anyway, at least it keeps the kids out of the house a bit xx

  2. Thanks. I'm not sure I will tackle anything that requires too much effort, but will give it a go. I think green leafy vegetables are the way to go.

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