party time. excellent.

It was time once again to have the annual birthday party for the kids. At first it seemed like a chore to have two parties in one, but when it’s all over and done with for another whole year, it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

After purchasing a heap of Gruffalo themed party stuff from overseas months ahead of schedule (I’m a serial planner), I was told by miss Scarlett that she no longer wanted a Gruffalo party (or cake) but now wished for a fairy party (and cake) instead. I initially tried to ignore her requests and thought she may changer her mind again, but her fascination with fairy things only intensified and I soon realised it was inevitable. Xavier kindly agreed to be the recipient of the planned Gruffalo cake (once he got over his fear of the Gruffalo after a traumatic live performance).

My fear of the fairy cake was allayed once I began doing some homework on YouTube as I found so many great tutorials about making fondant figurines. Although I hate to admit it, I really enjoyed making them. It became my secret night time hobby once I realised early on that it was useless trying to make them while the children were awake – helping equated to them eating the fondant.

So… here are the daycare cupcakes, birthday cakes, party cakes and people of the past two weeks.

Now. What to make next year?


4 thoughts on “party time. excellent.

  1. Thanks Meli – I was pretty happy with the outcome. Now I'm trying to think of excuses to make more… My mum's birthday is coming up, or perhaps a Father's Day cake (with the kids' help) is a good idea?

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