the young lady is four

Four years ago today my first born baby girl was born. Blissfully unaware of the struggles we would face, I held her in my arms so completely amazed that this child was ours to take home and take care of. I sometimes feel like I have already failed in setting all the good examples I set out to, and I worry that your temperament is a little too similar to my own, but I love her more than I can even begin to explain.

At four you are:

  • extremely imaginative and creative which at times can lead to stretching the truth in your favour, but it shows how clever you are
  • starting to be more responsible and are trying to educate your brother in various important life lessons – leading by example in good and bad ways
  • totally engrossed in creating a magical fairy land in the stories you tell (or instruct us to tell you) each night at bedtime
  • beginning to do some amazing drawing and craft work which show how imaginative you are – I love seeing what creations you come up with
  • starting to want to read for yourself and are always asking what letters and words are so you can learn for yourself
  • still my little baby even though you so desperately don’t want to be

I love you at each step – even when it’s a struggle – and I make sure you always know that. I look forward to watching you grow and learn over the next year. xoxo


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