today my boy is two

Two years ago today my baby boy was born. I didn’t know I could love another as much as my first born, but I do in so many ways.

 At two you are:
  • finally starting to show your own little attitude, but it’s so adorable that I forgive you for it
  • just as cuddly as the day you were born, but now you don’t need me to pick you up constantly 
  • talking more and more every day and coming up with the cutest sayings like “I love it” about everything you like even remotely
  • starting to have your own ideas instead of going along with everything your sister does – it’s caused some conflict but I think it’s good for you to have your own ideas
  • so hungry that I worry I won’t be able to keep up with your appetite in a few years time let alone when you’re a teenager
  • so different to your sister it isn’t funny – not that that’s a bad thing all the time
  • still our little baby – so much so that after your bath every night you say “rock me like a baby” and insist on being wrapped up and sung to
I love you so much more than you will ever really understand…

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