The kids arrived home from a shopping trip with their dad yesterday with a book each. I was completely chuffed with ‘Piggybook’ by Anthony Browne in particular.

I’ve always been fond of Anthony Browne’s work – especially his books which portray animal cruelty in a way that is easy for kids to understand. His book Zoo has had a big impact on my daughter particularly.

You can see from the cover of Piggybook what the book if all about. The mother ‘carrying’ the whole family.

It’s a great book that I hope will help my children (and husband) think about gender inequality in the home and encourage everyone to pitch in a bit more and not to simply expect everything to be done for them.

Having both a daughter and a son, I’m quite aware of the example I would like to be setting in our home, but unfortunately it is mostly not such a great example we are setting…


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