I asked Scarlett if she would like to help me pack some boxes today (in an attempt not to exclude her during every waking hour) to which she replied “You will have to help me pack some of my boxes soon for when I move into my castle”. I was shocked and told her I would be sad if she moved away and she told me “don’t worry mum, you can come to visit sometimes”.

Luckily she is very excited about the move to our new house. Thanks to the lovely current owner, we have been able to visit the house several times so she feels happy about it all. She won’t be so happy however to find out that the owner’s grand daughter who she befriended on the weekend won’t be there once we move it!


One thought on “castle

  1. Lol, I love that she's picked a castle, aim high! I'm sending good 'moving' vibes your way. I absolutely loath Packing and moving, especially with kids. But it'll be worth all the drama in the end. Good luck!!!

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