My whole life has been turned upside down this past 5 weeks. We’ve bought a house, sold a house and are now packing the house for the biggest move in my life so far.

For some time now we have been thinking of moving from our small three bedroom house into something a little larger, but more importantly somewhere without a schizophrenic neighbour (fingers crossed).

I had refused to entertain the idea for sone time as I knew that the burden of most of the unpleasant things that come with selling and buying would rest on me.

Our first mistake was to look at houses before selling ours and before having any finance approved. Foolishly we thought we could look at a few places without getting too involved just to get an idea what was out there.

We hadn’t planned on finding our dream home. I thought it was a myth. People talked about ‘just knowing’ but I’d never experienced that until we walked through the front door of our new house.

Seeing beyond the original 70s wallpaper and some 40 years of accumulated possessions, we knew this was where we wanted to raise our children. The serenity of the surrounding bush took our breath away and it is picturing that now that calms my nerves as I think about everything still to do.

There is so much to be done before we leave and before we move in, but the hope that one day soon I can sit down and read the paper or a book or even just have a cup of tea, keeps me sane.


2 thoughts on “moving

  1. It *will* happen, Nicole and, just some home renovations, there's pain and annoyance and exhaustion throughout the interminable process but once you're settled, all bad memories disappear!We've had that 'this is it' feeling about all three houses we've owned. Only one was the dream house (house number two in Adelaide) but the other felt right – and were right – for us at the time.Leaving house number three this Sunday for four nights in a cheap motel before flying out to Switzerland is sure as hell going to see me cry and hope that the tenants like living here as much I did. Best of luck with your move!

  2. Thanks Kath – you too! As I am continuing to pack up my house on Sunday I will think of you without all your belongings on your way. It sounds like you guys will be able to keep each other amused no matter where you are.

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