babies no more

I held a stall at the Baby & Kids Market in my area over the weekend. Let’s just say I’m exhausted. I spent the week prior ironing, packing, marking and making signs for my table. I had so many baby things I wanted to get rid of that had been piling up in my shed that I just wanted to clear away.

Since my mission was to have a clean out and not necessarily make a heap of money, I put a low price on all my things and am happy to say I sold almost all my stuff! What I didn’t sell I put in the vinnies bin so now it’s really ALL gone.

The event was a sort of culmination of events this past week that have made it really feel like my baby days are over – and not in a bad way! I feel so relieved that I no longer own a breast pump, baby sling or nappy bag (as such, although every handbag I own is now large enough to fit at least two nappys and wipes inside). I saw all those pregnant women and women with very small babies and didn’t feel envious of them in the slightest. I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

In keeping with the no more babies rule of the house, within two days I also took away Xavier’s high chair and cot! It wasn’t really planned that way, but it just happened which I think may have helped – there was no anxiety on my part about if it would ‘work’ so it just did. Xav is now happily in a booster seat making a mess at the table with the rest of us and sleeping soundly (sideways) in a big bed with a side rail.

I do feel quite guilty about all this. I feel that I shouldn’t admit to how happy I am to be rid of all babies and baby things from my house. I feel like it make it sound like I don’t love my children (or didn’t). I do, it’s just that I found the baby stage very difficult.

I know that as time marches on, I will look back on this time more fondly and perhaps even wish I hadn’t wished it away so much. I’m sure when they are teenagers and causing me grief, I will long for the  innocence they once had, but for now I am happy to look forward to them becoming their own little people. Feisty ones at that!


7 thoughts on “babies no more

  1. It made me feel a bit sad reading this – obviously my baby days are not yet over. Funnily enough, though, I do agree. A friend and I were commenting today how much more we love this stage – where we can communicate and play with our little girls – as opposed to the tricky babyhood stage. But I guess as I think eventually I will have another, there is part of me that doesn't quite want to let go… Great read!

  2. I didn't feel that way at all until after Xav was born. I really wanted another child but ever since he arrived I've known I couldn't do it all again. Full stop. No more questions!

  3. I'm finally at the stage where I know I don't want any more… but I'm still ready to let go of all the baby gear. Maybe because I feel their baby years flew by too fast, so I'm holding on to their teeny tiny selves a bit longer? I don't know…I have started 'lending' baby items out to friends/family, so at least that's a start! Well done for taking the plunge šŸ™‚

  4. Just wait until you come to visit us with the newborn twins; then you'll be really glad your baby days are over!! I was so relieved when Nina became a toddler, but I'm hoping to enjoy the baby stage with twins.

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