glorious bread

There is a lovely little bakery in the village near my house. It sells pies, cakes and super expensive, super delicious bread. I often just buy supermarket bread for the kids as it’s soft and long lasting, but on weekends when I would like to enjoy something special I buy up bread at this bakery.

They have an absolutely divine middle eastern fruit loaf which at $7.30 is not to be taken lightly. Except for Xavier’s nibbles, I usually get to enjoy this bread all to myself as my husband and daughter don’t really care for fruit bread. I sliced the first slice on the most recent loaf and this was the lovely surprise I got – a delicious big fat fig!


2 thoughts on “glorious bread

  1. Kath I'm so glad to hear you were also excited by my fig. As I was writing that post I wondered if I would seem a bit strange for getting so excited about it!

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