at thirty four i….

It seems that the last decade has passed by ever so quickly, and I have rarely had the time to stop and think about myself and what I have become/what I am becoming. Today as I turn thirty four, I thought I would share some things about me:

  • I don’t worry about getting ‘old’ (yet)
  • I am quite sociable and friendly to strangers (something I certainly was not before becoming a mother)
  • I sometimes feel anxious and a little depressed, but think that is just part of life
  • I do not believe in god (which I have not openly admitted until quite recently)
  • I feel very lucky to have a career I enjoy and feel competent in
  • I sometimes worry that I am doing the ‘wrong’ thing by my children
  • I miss having both my sisters living in the same state as me
  • I love sitting back and observing or listening to people on public transport and at public events
  • I have a bad memory (which is why I am a compulsive list writer and diary keeper)
  • I am more fit now than I have been in over a decade
  • I constantly struggle with myself over my own feminism
  • I have never really travelled anywhere (something I am looking forward to in the future)
  • I am (a little) more patient with people than I have ever been
  • I never really liked being alone until I had children but I now appreciate every second I have to myself
  • I would like to participate again in some form of activism – I’ve been absent from such things since Scarlett was a baby

At preschool in slacks and velour

3 thoughts on “at thirty four i….

  1. Happy birthday Nic! You have definitely accomplished so much in the last decade. And you make it look easy and always look stylish whilst doing it! Love you and miss you too x

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