After watching the first Life at 5 program on resilience, I was wondering how my dear daughter would go with the marshmallow game. Being the bad mother that I am, I decided to set up my own experiment.

Here’s how it went:

She was give one snake lolly (it was yellow so you can’t really see it that well) and told that she could eat it if she wanted to, but if she could wait until the timer finished, she could have three snakes instead.

After one minute, she amused herself by drawing on the table with a crayon.

After two minutes she picked up the timer and began shaking it in an attempt to make it go quicker.

At two minutes twenty seconds she turned it upside down (attempting to cheat, but actually did herself a slight disservice) and put it back on the table.

Within another ten seconds she had picked up the snake – obviously believing the timer would never end.

At two minutes and forty five seconds she was happily scoffing it down.

Over a minute after finishing it and I still hadn’t returned, she came and found me with the timer to dob herself in.

She actually lasted a lot longer than I expected her too. I can’t wait to see what other experiments I can do on my children!


2 thoughts on “temptation

  1. Funny stuff! I missed the program, but I've seen something similar. Well done Scarlett for lasting even that long – I doubt Tiernan would even let me put down the plate! Was it a 3 minute timer? I might try it 🙂

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