It’s not secret that much to my dismay, Scarlett is obsessed with fairies, princess and wearing dresses. My mother warned me that dressing her is black/red/non-frilly attire as a baby would come back haunt me later, but I thought it would be much later on.

She chooses her own clothes (most of the time), makes up her own games and decides which books we are going to read at bedtime. I’ll give her that since she doesn’t have much say in anything else. Inevitably, it’s frilly dresses (many of which were hand-me-downs from my 8 year old half sister who Scarlett adores), fairy weddings and ridiculous fairy tales. Sometimes it drives me batty.

Thanks to this post from Adventures in Boogieville, I have found some new books to subliminally sway Scarlett’s thinking. The first of three books arrived from The Book Depository yesterday.

Any new book is an exciting book so it wasn’t too hard to ‘help’ her choose this one for bedtime last night.

A modern fairy tale with a feminist theme. The princess wants to remain single, but is bothered by a series of annoying suitors, in order to eliminate them, she sets a number of impossible tasks. The final suitor, who actually succeeds in all the tasks, is rewarded by being changed into a toad by a magic kiss. Review from here.

She was very fascinated by the idea that anyone – let alone a princess – wouldn’t want to get married. She’s a cheeky little bugger, because as I was telling her how great it sounds that Princess Smartypants gets to do what she wants, when she wants, she said “but you’re married Mummy”. So I had to tell her that that’s only because her Daddy is the most wonderful man in the whole world so I had to marry him!!!

This morning as I dropped her off at daycare, she was telling the teacher about the new book and how she turned the prince into a toad. She even wants to take it in to share it with the other children (I wonder how that will go down?).

Tonight at bedtime while talking about what a big grown up she is, she said she had some more growing to do before she could be a Tooth Fairy Mummy Doctor. She’s sticking to her guns.


5 thoughts on “princesses

  1. Ooh that was one of Sapphire's favourite books too! We had a few Babette Coles (and loved watching Dr Dog on ABC kids). Her books are full of deliciously cheeky humour and endearing drawings.

  2. We had "Princess Smartypants" as kids. Mum had the same plan – just to let us know there were other options! It's a great book. I've been wondering how to find some feminist children's literature lately, so thanks for the link!

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