anything will do

Today in an attempt to get the boy to eat anything, I baked some vegan chocolate muffins. I didn’t want too much fat or dairy in anything to upset his tummy so thought these would be a good option. Of course he hates them and Scarlett thinks they are gross. I think they are just fine.

The past two days have been spend serving up a smorgasbord of food for Xavier in the hope that he will try something. I can’t bear seeing him with so little energy any longer and have been terrified that dairy would make him spew (as it had for three days running).

Luckily for him, he has managed to amass a healthy fat store so I don’t think he is in any real danger, but I definitely think he has lost some of the roundness around him tummy. I hope this doesn’t continue for too long as I would hate for his pudgy little fingers to become long and thin all of a sudden.

After many failed attempts – jelly, puree apple, biscuits, grapes, strawberries and more, we have struck a winner – chocolate yogo. I figure it will do for now if it’s all he’ll eat (and so far it has stayed down).

Fingers crossed he’s back to his playful, hungry, smiley self soon.

In other news, Scarlett has just discovered that one of her singlet tops doubles as a baby carrier and is so excited! She is a funny little girl.

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