I’ve been off work the last two day because my boy has a tummy bug. Don’t ask me how this is possible, but neither of my children had had a tummy bug prior to this, so the whole vomiting and diarrhea things has freaked me out a bit.

The normally ravenous boy has eaten two pieces of bread and one biscuit in two days. He is so miserable and lifeless and it makes me so sad.

He is so desperate for a cup of milk he keeps whining at me ‘mulk, mulk, mulk’ so I finally gave in this morning and gave him half a cup diluted with water. He guzzled it so fast then spewed it all  up within seconds.

The most frustrating part is that because he can’t talk yet, I can’t seem to give him what he wants or explain to him why I am doing something or why he needs something.

I’ve just about had enough of this sickness now and I would just like my cheeky little boy running around again. The constant cuddles and neediness were cute and first, but… I need to go back to work eventually.

3 thoughts on “bugs

  1. I can sympathise. Raleigh gets the vomit bug a lot and I find it terrifying. I can deal far more easily with colds and fever. The good thing about it is when it does go, they are back to normal very, very quickly (almost instantly).

  2. I hope so Eliza – I got all teary just now when he was motionless on the change table getting him ready for bed. I know he's just tired but I hate to see him like that:(

  3. Oh, it's so, so hard to see them when they're sick and there's nothing worse when the chatter stops and there's just the listlessness.Your tears and aching heart are part and parcel of parenting, I'm afraid. It still hurts when my eleven year old is home sick (and she can tell me what's wrong) and her usually animated face is pale and she's so quiet….I hope he gets better soon.

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