edible baking

A while ago I attempted to make my own edible dough with mixed results. I decided afterwards to go ahead and buy the Yummy Dough and the other day after feeling guilty about leaving the kids to watch TV for half the morning I cracked it open.

I had first thought it would contain tubes of ready to use dough in various colours. I was wrong. Four packets containing dry mixture to which exactly 15ml of water needs to be added, mixed to a crumb then kneaded until smooth. This took a little time, but the fun we had and the end result were worth while.

With Scarlett’s imagination and my handy work, we got carried away creating these wonderful creatures. The dough itself tasted pretty good. So good that I had to fight her for the last bits to complete the castle!
Princess and castle – inspired by the brochure in the packet

Stripy snake

Red back spider

Crocodile family
The baked result didn’t look quite as good as the pre-cooked dough (and our wallaby with joey in pouch melted and toppled over a bit in the over), but they tasted delicious and will definitely go there again.

4 thoughts on “edible baking

  1. Okay, just followed the link and answered my own question. Will have to give it a go, because Molly is obsessed with eating playdough, so I find playing with it frustrating. Thanks for the link!

  2. I think I got a bit too into this activity! I usually like to let Scarlett do her own work but she was giving me directions as to which things to make so I just went along with it. SHe did a few cut out shapes and rolled out some of the parts but made me put them together.

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