stitched up

Before Scarlett was born among the many parenting/feeding/sleeping books I read, I found some advice about comfort items – buy two. I diligently ordered two Keptin Jnr bunnies and placed one next to her head from the moment she was born.

Every sleep I would nuzzle it up next to her. It seemed futile for such a long time, but by about 9 months, she started to hold it in her hand when she slept. She would caress it as she fell asleep, flip it about when she woke up and it soon became a trusted companion.

To this day she still takes it to bed. If she were allowed she would carry it around all day and take it everywhere. She simply loves it.

About a week ago she noticed some stitching coming undone on the seam of one of her bunnies. Very distraught, she insisted I sew it up for her. When faced with a sewing box full of coloured cotton she chose apple green to stitch it up (even after my most persuasive arguments for red or white).

Now all is well in the world again.

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