how do I love thee?

It’s been a while since I have taken a moment to think about the good things about my children. The past 4 months I was back on the pill and have found myself being constantly grumpy and miserable. I’ve decided to stop.

Aside from this, I seem to get caught up in the daily chores of parenting. The cooking, cleaning, washing, tidying, hurrying, yelling and frowning (not to mention going to work), that I hardly get time to think about the good things.

Both my children challenge me in different ways (which are ever changing), but they both have qualities which I do love dearly. Here are a few:

  • You are very entertaining. You make up your own songs and run around the house screaming them at the top of your lungs and off key. It is just lovely.
  • You love your brother and go to great lengths to teach him many things – including how to jump on the lounge, how to splash in the dog water but most importantly: your sense of fun.
  • You are so independent and headstrong. A positive most of the time. When you set your mind to something, you do it (and not a moment sooner).
  • You have an amazing memory. I don’t believe some of the things you recall from half your life ago. I hope you remember some of these moments when you are older.

  • You are becoming a delightful little thing. You have such a mischievous little smile, yet you use it so sparingly that it is special each time I see it. 
  • You are gradually starting to say more and more words. Expressing yourself has become very important and you try so hard sometimes it makes you mad – but you are so cute.
  • You adore your sister. You will follow her wherever she goes and are delighted when she lets you join in on her fun.
  • Your clingy ways have subsided a little, but I still get to enjoy my cuddles when you wake from a sleep and are still a bit grumpy (I wonder where you get that from???).
  • You think tickling family members is the funniest thing ever. Egged on by our enthusiasm for it, it make you feel you really contribute to the fun.
Aside from the odd tantrums from both children, we seem to be at a lovely stage in our journey as a family. Let hope the teenage years don’t roll on too quickly!

2 thoughts on “how do I love thee?

  1. Teenage years are nearly upon us – puberty/adolescence is already here with its associated challenges and miseries. Despite this, we hugged and chatted this morning together and I got to smell her soft hair… Every stage has been wonderful so far.

  2. I love reading about your relationship with Sapphire Kath. It gives me hope for the future. Each night once the kids are in bed, I usually look through the photos I've taken of them that or previous days to remind me how precious they are even if I feel like pulling my hair out half the time!

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