5: little puddin’

My little man with the decal tree in the background
put up in his honour – you can just see mischief in his eyes

3 thoughts on “5: little puddin’

  1. You know what Nic, i think i've seen that look in your father's eyes too. He looks so much like your dad! Cute pic. Have you found that that S & X are just so different? or are they very similar in the personalities????Lisa xxxx

  2. Yes Lisa – he is so much like my Dad it's not funny. My eternal punishment? From the moment he popped out mum has been saying he looks exactly like him. I don't know about the fair hair though. He and Scarlett are so completely different. How about your two?

  3. That must be so weird for your mum! Maybe X's hair will darken up as he gets older???Oh dear, G & J are like chalk and cheese. He is so busy, busy, busy and has to make everything into a car or a plane or a flying space man and will not pay any attention to anything I say. Whereas with G, she listens and sits still and always has – we would always go out for coffees etc with her, but I haven't even attempted it without a strong support team with J! So strange!How are you feeling aboout Chrissy? Will it be a bit weird and solemn with O's family?xx

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