rainy day dough

I recently saw in the shops this Yummy Dough and thought is was a great idea, but balked at the $20 price tag. So I decided to make some dough that we could cut shapes out of or mould, cook and eat.

I ended up using a sweet damper recipe containing 2C SR flour, 2T sugar, 2T powdered milk, 1T softened butter, 1/2t salt and water. I divided the dough into 4 so I could add different food colouring to it, but it  came out quite mottled. It didn’t matter too much to Scarlett – she enjoyed squishing it in her hands and rolling it out on the board.

We then cut out various shapes from her playdough cutters and made some wonderful sculptures out of the off-cuts.

Although the outcome wasn’t great, Scarlett had a great time helping and did enjoy eating the outcome as well. They taste a bit like dry scones – I think I might dress mine in jam and cream!

Even Xavier liked them! 

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