xmas guilt

Last year was easy. Scarlett had a few ideas about Santa but at two and a half she was a bit too young to ask too many questions.

This year is a different matter. A month out from xmas and the questions about Santa are coming thick and fast. Maybe it’s our fault but she is quite skeptical about things she’s told.

“Does Santa really live in the North Pole?”, “Can Santa really see everything I do?”, “Is he watching me now?”…

I feel so terrible lying to her but I’m not going to pass up a damn good reason for best behavior for the entire month.

I wondered the other day if she will be mad at us when she discovers the truth about Santa. I myself can’t remember the actual moment I found out, but I don’t remember feeling mad. My sister in law told be that she kept pretending she believed long after so her parents had to keep up the act. So I guess she wasn’t mad.

It’s one of the tricky things about this time of year. I have such fond memories of the excitement of xmas and having children has allowed me to feel that excitement again. I can’t help but feel a little guilty though that it is all a lie. Do all children ask so many questions? I feel like she is going to catch me in a lie and bust my chops for it. Only time will tell…


One thought on “xmas guilt

  1. Perhaps she'll just work it out for herself, like I did and my daughter Sapphire did. Unlike Sapphire though, I *didn't* tell my parents that I knew because I thought the gifts would stop!

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