the little lady

Today our dear little girl is three. The last year in particular has gone by so quickly that it’s not until I sit and reflect, that I realise how much she has changed. Here are some of the things I love about her:

  1. She has and endless imagination. For some time now she has been creating her own little world which she lives in. She always gives herself a pseudonym and has different things she becomes focused on. At the moment her fantasy world revolves around her giving birth to multiple babies each day. She shoves toys up her top and walks around telling us she is having twins and then out they pop ready to be reared by her. 
  2. She is very honest. Tonight when I asked her about which of her presents she liked best she told me that her new Snow White doll was her favourite. She got that at her party last weekend so I asked what she liked form her presents today. She said “I don’t like my presents. But I still play with them.”
  3. She is very strong willed. This can obviously be problematic but it is also a blessing and she has a definite idea about what she wants. I’ve been told I was quite a stubborn child and would not budge on certain things and I think my daughter has inherited this trait. I’m sure it will make for some interesting times in her teenage years.
  4. She loves to sing and dance. This mostly occurs while she is on some fantasy world of her own but it is very entertaining. She is starting to enjoy looking at herself in the mirror (or any reflective surface) and like to perform to herself. Recently she has been asking me to join in with her and takes delight when I indulge her. 
  5. She has an amazing memory. Today I was talking to her about when we went to see the The Gruffalo at the Q Theatre before Xavier was born. Being under two then I didn’t think she would remember it and we haven’t really spoken about it, but she recounted to me how the Gruffalo ran up the stairs at the end of the performance near where we were sitting.
  6. She really loves her brother. She calls him ‘little man’ and dotes on him to no end. She looks after his at day care and loves to cuddle and kiss him. Of course there are times when she hates him (when he is threatening to go into her fortress – wherever that may be) but on the whole she is a very loving big sister.  
The next year I’m sure will go by quickly and this time next year she will be such a different little girl. Tonight as I tucked her in and gave her a big cuddle I told her she would always be by little girl. I’m sure as the years go by she will lose much of her innocence but I will always remember these special times.

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