what a year

Today our little man turned one. In the blink of an eye that year has just flown by. No longer the baby of the house, we now have a little boy. Here are some of the things I love about him:

  1. He is such a cuddly little boy. He spent the first few months of his life in a carrier of some sort, because he simply wanted to be carried around all the time. While he is now a lot more independent, he still love to be carted around by anyone who is willing. He will often put his little head down on your should for a little cuddle before popping it back up to see what he is missing out on.
  2. He loves his big sister. From the day he was born he has been completely fascinated by her. At first he would just stare at her while she played around him, then he laughed at her crazy antics, now he chases her all over the house and smacks her lovingly on the head.
  3. He is turning into a cheeky little boy. He is extremely bossy at the dinner table, wriggly on the change table and very mischievous all over the house. When he is about to do something that he knows he is not supposed to, he will look over at me with his cheeky dimples, then turn around and forge ahead with his plans. 
  4. He has developed an attachment to his blanky which I find so cute. It doesn’t matter if it is muslin, flannelette, muslin or cotton. When he goes to bed he grabs it with his chubby little hands and rubs it against his cheek. He rolls over and tangles himself up in it or puts it over his face. When I enter his room after he wakes, I find him standing at the end of his cot with blanky in hand. And he won’t let it go.
  5. He is ever so handsome
As much as I can look back at the year passed and think fondly of the birth experience, the sleepless nights and the utter chaos, I am so glad to be over that first year and look forward to seeing the boy he is to become.

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