rock your bull?

A debate (if you could call it that) has broken out about the appropriate use of certain images on children’s clothing and I want to express my opinion.

Children’s clothing label Rock Your Baby recently started up a fan page on Facebook. They have experienced a huge influx of fans due to a competition to win some clothes by posting a photo of your child in their clothes (which I entered). Shortly after they sent out a call for models for a photo shoot for their winter clothing range. Over 200 people sent in photos of their kids – one was even willing to travel from WA to the Blue  Mountains for the chance of having their child photographed in their clothes!
This week they posted some photos of some gorgeous kids from the shoot (one of them a friend’s son). A comment posted about this t-shirt depicting an image of matador and bull with the words ‘ole viva el matador’ on the back, has had some heated opposition. The initial comment by Merrie “Bullfighting is a really innapropriate theme for a child’s tshirt”seemed harmless enough to me and is a sentiment which I tend to agree with. Being a fine arts graduate I can see the historical significance and importance of artwork such as this but I do not agree that it is the best subject matter for a child’s t-shirt. Just as I would not like to see an image depicting war or violence of any kind. 
What was far worse than the image itself or it’s use on a t-shirt, was the attack on Merrie’s right to express an opinion. ‘Fans’ of the company apparently aren’t allowed to disagree with anything they do and they will be vilified by the other fans. I was so surprised at the way people treated Merrie that I commented in her support after comments urging people to “keep their inappropriate and extremely negative comments to themselves”. Apparently disagreeing with something “on a fan page is simply Lounge Chair Activism and not exactly the most appropriate place to do so.” I think that is certainly making some unfair assumptions about Merrie.

Since having children, I am more a ‘Lounge Chair Activist’ than ever before simply due to the time it takes to be a physical member of any activist groups. Better that than to be apathetic and ignorant all the time. 


2 thoughts on “rock your bull?

  1. AGREED! You and Merrie did the right thing.I get 'flamed' occasionally but in a way I think that's better than being utterly ignored. At least someone's out there, listening.Oh, you are NOT going to believe what the word verification is – Blamer! Honest to go!

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