working mother

This week I had my first ever experience of taking a sick child to work. Boy was it tiring! I had to be a mother and efficient employee at the same time.

It’s hard to believe it the first time since Scarlett is almost 3, but Scarlett was rarely sick as a child – probably because she was looked after by her grandparents and because they didn’t have rules about non-attendance when sick. So on Thursday morning when Scarlett had a fever, I decided to take her to work (only because I had too much work to do not to go and didn’t have my hard drive at home to work from).

She had the best day ever! The paracetamol had pretty much done the job by the time we got there anyway, but all the attention, special treats and alone time with mum was just what the doctor ordered. She was taken out for the morning coffee run (while I got some time to concentrate) and came back with a hot chocolate and an Ariel sticker book. She got lollipops and balloons, and was even taken to lunch with the whole team (a prearranged birthday lunch).

Lucky for me, she is a very resourceful little thing and kept herself busy with colouring in, creating collages out of items from my paper recycle bin, and making my work mates muffins and soup out of a few juggling balls and blocks. She even attempted to have a rest under my desk towards the end of the day.

I was quite impressed with the amount of work I actually got done, but I was completely exhausted by the end of the day. Having to concentrate on something while accepting cups of pretend tea, unscrewing lids, answering questions, providing more paper and general entertainment is really hard work…


One thought on “working mother

  1. Sounds like she even 'stepped up' by being super good at work, which is bloody hard for a three year old. Good too that your work is a supportive place and you could bring her in.

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