bad mother #1

 It only seems fitting that I start this series now. There are many things I do that I feel bad about but also embrace as part of who I am. Here is the first of many I’m sure:

You know you’re a bad mother when… you rue the day the baby is able to crawl down that one step to the kitchen because it means you have to now keep the floor clean(er).

This is my mum’s house – the floor is clean there…

One thought on “bad mother #1

  1. I knew I was a bad mother when Sapphire was only four months old and no longer wanted to sit back in her rocker playing with home-made dangling toys as I worked on the computer for more than an hour!Crawling, too, made me sigh. "Gone are the days I can plonk you on the floor and you'll stay there," I remember saying to my giggling girl.

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