things can only get… worse?

Why is it that when I talk to other mums at the moment it’s all doom and gloom? Is it just the age that our toddlers are all at (almost – just over 3), or is it that being a parent is really not that much fun?

I know there are some mothers out there who thrive on the chaos that is being a mother. They take it all in their stride and seem to have the answers and the ability to stay calm in high stress situations. But I don’t know any of them! Perhaps us mums that struggle, stick together as a support mechanism? I know that without all the mums I have around me I would go totally insane.

If it’s not trouble with childcare (or lack thereof), it’s child behavior, sibling tension, partner neglect (in both directions), lack of sleep/energy/autonomy, financial strain, boredom or anger management.

Last week I managed to flick through a week old edition of Sunday Life and read the article about the pros and cons of being a parent versus being a child free couple. The outcome was pretty bleak. Don’t get me wrong – I love my children more than I could have ever imagined loving someone, but I never thought the day to day of being a parent would be so hard.

I’ve been back at work for just over two weeks now and I am slightly ashamed to admit to people how much I am enjoying it. There is an interesting debate going on in the comments of this post by blue milk. I find it really fascinating how passionate us mum’s can be in defending our choices.

While I do love being back at work, I also find it so rewarding to come home to see my ever changing little family and how they appreciate me so much more as a result!


One thought on “things can only get… worse?

  1. Parenting is hard work and I've never found it particularly 'fun' when I'm tired, worried, slightly resentful and wondering just how I'm going to keep contributing to the household budget, be a fun and firm parent, stay interesting to people without children, wear socially acceptable and fashionable clothing *and* have a house that won't be shut down by social services or food inspectors.Having said all that every time Sapphire wakes up and walks into my room, I'm dazzled by her. Every. single. time.

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