what a difference a boob makes

Upon my arrival home yesterday my little man was quite distressed. He’d had a rocky first full day at day care not having eaten or slept as he normally does. All he wanted was a boob.

While I have enjoyed a breastfeeding relationship with both my children, I had never experienced how instantly and completely comforting it can be for us both until yesterday.

I have never been much of a demand feeder as I always struggled with a feeling of supression being ‘attached’ to my baby ALL the time. I certainly haven’t deprived them, but I have used other methods to comfort them in times of need.

It is because of this that yesterday’s experience coming home was quite unique. I felt happy to hold my little boy and stroke his face as he nuzzled in for a good feed. Not even the shrieks of his older sister dancing around the loungeroom could tear him away. And the guilt I felt for having put him through this hard day just melted away.

If only it were so easy with a toddler…

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2 thoughts on “what a difference a boob makes

  1. Aw Nicole, whatever works for you both is good.And the guilt never goes away. Never. No matter what choices you make, changes you implement or how hard you try. Just live with it and enjoy smelling their hair as often as you can. You're doing wonderfully well!

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