one day down

My first day back at work and I was greeted with the smell of the Filo take away shops and cigarettes as I stepped off the station stairs.

In the morning I felt lost and frustrated as I struggled to set up my email and calendar (IT hate Macs) and get my desk back in order. A team meeting at 9:30 seemed daunting, but after 3 hours I felt that i was back on board and part of the team. Many of my close collegues are also mums and it helps to have them around to chat with about how I’m feeling.

The rest of the day proved to be very productive and I had that wonderful feeling of achieved something (which I have been craving). I managed to complete a few small things and got stuck into another task whose deadline is looming already!

Besides the strange fact that the seats have been removed from the station I also felt back at home on Blacktown station this afternoon. I don’t know why but at this time if year as the sun begins to set early there is a lovely glow about the place.

I feel a little exhausted but also invigorated and I can’t wait to get home to see my monkeys.


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