last days

In an attempt to squeeze in some quality time with my little miss before returning to work next week, I have devoted today to reading, craft and cooking (while the boy is asleep or is otherwise occupied).

We made these fantastic forest fairies which I got in a kit in the volunteer shop at the children’s hospital. They have heaps of great activities for kids to do while they are in hospital.

Scarlett told me she ‘loves’ her new fairies and has given them unpronounceable names which sound like swear words.

We have also just taken these ANZAC cookies out of the oven. These are the ones Scarlett blobbed onto the tray all by herself. She only took a few little nibbles of mixture as she went.

The next two days Scarlett will be in day care and Friday is already looking a bit hectic so this is it! My last real day at home with the kids. I am starting to feel a little more emotionally ready to go back to work, but on days like this when I get to potter around with them I know I’m going to really miss it.

Tomorrow is Xavier’s first day in day care, so I’m a little bit freaked out. He will only be there for a few hours while I go in to work for a handover, but he is a little sick and I worry he will not be a happy camper. At least his big sister will be right next door and I have told her that to ask to go and see him  whenever she likes (I hope she doesn’t forget about him).

I have also booked myself in for a long overdue facial on Thursday which was a good excuse to get my mum to have a trial run with Xavier before I go back to work as well.

So it seems everything is finally in place: child care sorted; work clothes pulled out of storage (and still fit); and a weekly menu plan to ease the stress of coming home at night and having to get everything done. I just hope everyone else can stick to my plan…


3 thoughts on “last days

  1. You'll be fine. All of you. Even with one suffering the sniffles; the other grabbing hold of your leg and you, at work, realising you have dried up Weetbix on your shoulder.LOVE those fairies!

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