you know you’re getting old when…

You know you’re getting old when you look a the checkout girl in IGA and think it’s a shame she has defaced her arms with tattoos.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve not opposed to tattoos as such but I don’t have any myself. As teenage goths, my sisters and I were warned by our mother not to shave our heads or get any tattoos if we wanted to stay under her roof. Unless a nineties undercut counts as shaving your head, none of us ever did either even after we left home.

For some time I contemplated getting a band tattooed around my upper arm with some sort of keltic design, but for some reason thought of a day I may want to wear an evening dress and how unsightly it would be. Perhaps it wasn’t as appealing to us because of our grandfather’s wrinkly faded navy tattoos or our uncles with arms covered with them. It didn’t seem alternative enough maybe?

In the past few months I have noticed a surge in tattoo popularity among otherwise ‘normal’ people. I’ve always known people with them – some of my best friends have them – but this new wave is different. The IGA girl, young girls on trains and now the ultimate warning sign – a tattoo shop has opened up just down the road from my house in the quaint little group of shops. What used to be a butcher shop now has painted black windows and surly looking types hanging around out the front day and night. As a vegetarian I never thought much of the butcher shop, but now I’m wondering if it was the lesser of two evils?

Now back to my rant about the poor IGA girl. It bothers me that I am so bothered by her tattoo but I can’t help it. A tattoo with an ornate design can be a thing of beauty, but I could only describe what this girl had on her arm as a logo. Maybe it the logo of a band that I’ve never heard of or something but it just looks awful! Covering half of the inside of her forearm I dread to think how she will cover that up some day if she wants to wear an evening dress…


One thought on “you know you’re getting old when…

  1. Maybe the growth employment industry – apart from being a tradesperson of any kind – will be the clever clogs who invents a painless and 100% effective way of removing tattoos!

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