Ten things I love about you

Inspired by a post by Spilt Milk that made me think…

  1. Ever since you were a baby you have had the biggest smile. You brighten everyone’s day with your cheeky grin and it makes my job so much easier.
  2. You are so independent and confident which I am so proud of. Even though this sometimes means that you want things your way, the positives far outweigh the negatives.
  3. After an initial adjustment period, you have fallen in love with your little brother and are so delighted by his reactions to you. Never is he so entertained than when his sister walks into the room. You take pride in clowning around in order to get a laugh from him. He adores you.
  4. You have such a wonderful imagination. Your latest obsession is your building blocks and you can make anything you can think of. Your ‘tall tall towers’ are so amazing that your brother has started crawling just so he can get to them and knock them over – much to your dismay.
  5. Your cuddles are so precious to me. Not a very affectionate baby, as a toddler you are certainly much more cuddly – but only when it suits you of course. As terrible as it sounds, I love it when you trip over and run to me for a quick cuddle. I also love snuggling up in your bed in the mornings when you wake up.
  6. I love listening to your wonderful made up songs and stories. They keep the whole family entertained.
  7. I’m sure it won’t last forever, but I love the fact that you wait for us to come into your room before getting up in the morning. It always brings a smile to my face when I awake to hear “I’m awake now Mum”. And your beaming smile when I enter the room is the icing on the cake.
  8. I love that you have discovered that to ‘share’ means that you can have anything you want!
  9. You become very focused on a particular thing and it fills your days and weeks until it is out of your system. You involve everyone around you in your latest interest with such enthusiasm that they can’t help but take part. 
  10. You are learning about what it means to make a joke and enjoy laughing at your own jokes.

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