failed easter bunny

Despite my best intentions, I have failed in my easter egg making attempt. I am no master chef, but I do consider myself quite capable in the kitchen, so this set back has been a blow to my culinary self esteem.

Tonight was to be the night. Close enough to easter so the eggs would not melt or get eaten by accident. Early enough to have some spare time should I need to make more eggs on subsequent evenings. Well – it was a disaster!!!!

Was it the chocolate’s fault? Or the moulds? Or am I just not cut out for this line of work? 

All I know is that I have a huge pile of chocolate left over and I’m heading out to buy some ‘proper’ easter treats for the kiddies tomorrow. I know – maybe I should give it another go, but quite frankly, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


One thought on “failed easter bunny

  1. It can be the type of chocolate you use; whether it was thick enough; how long you cooled it before turning them out; how hot your hands were when pressing out the molds; if there was any dampness/steam nearby; or the bad luck of a 'lemon' batch of chocolate.

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