the wait

The last time I spent any time in a hospital emergency ward was when I had a miscarriage before Scarlett was born.

This time we are here as a precation and suspect (hope) that it will all be for nothing.

Arrival: 8pm
Triage nurse: 9pm
Time now: 10pm
Wait to see a doctor: approx 4 hours

It’s not a good sign that more people in the line to see the triage nurse are going straight through than are coming into the next waiting area where we wait with some twelve other patients.

How can you tell who will be the next lucky person to go in? Or will we all just be here all night?

I might not be so mindful of the time had I not left a 7 month old baby at home with Granny without and breast milk. I used up (wasted) all of my mesely supply on Monday night when we were out on the town and foolishly thought I wouldn’t be needing any for some time.

So the question is – how long will he wait? Hopefully longer than we will. (But then after seeing a doctor. What then.)

Now I sit here with a child asleep in the pram and a husband asleep sitting up (I don’t know how he does that) and me wired from the coffee I drank (which I don’t usually) to keep me awake. How long will it last???

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